Texting Patient Orders Still up in the air with Joint Commission

The new policy unraveled in May of this year put out by the Joint Commission would have opened the door for texting to be used as an effective communication tool to exchange patient orders.

Initially, the policy what is welcome news because it would’ve made sharing patient info easier. Summarized, it stated, along with some caution,

Eeffective immediately, The Joint Commission has revised its position on the transmission of orders for care, treatment, and services via text messaging for all accreditation programs. Licensed independent practitioners or other practitioners in accordance with professional standards of practice, law and regulation, and policies and procedures may text orders as long as a secure text messaging platform is used and the required components of an order are included.

Now it seems that policy change is on hold.

The delay in policy implementation won’t be decided until September.

“The Joint Commission determined additional guidance is required to ensure a safe implementation involving the secure texting of orders for healthcare organizations desiring to employ technology supporting this practice.”