One of the quickest ways of living a healthy lifestyle is altering your diet to eliminate bad foods. One of the culprits in sugar, and soda contains loads of it.

Someone who drinks two cans a pop per day every day, for a year, will consume hundreds of thousands of calories, all from sugar. That’s 60 POUNDS of sugar from soda alone in a year.

That’s an extreme example, but it doesn’t prove a point, regular consumption of soda affects your health. It leads to weight gain (calories) and increases the chances, among other things, for Type-2 diabetes.

Solution? Eliminate soda and drink water.

Note, the solution isn’t to eliminate soda and drink other sugary drinks. Many fruit drinks actually contain MORE sugar than soda.

It’s also not a solution to switch to diet-sodas. Although diet soda has fewer calories, and no sugar, replaced with chemical artificial sweeteners, it’s not a solution to weight loss. Although diet hasn’t been proven to cause some of the health defects like cancer, due to the additional chemicals, it’s not linked to weight loss either.

Proper hydration maintains a healthy equilibrium for your body, and the best form comes in water.

Carry around an empty water bottle with you and your body will thank you. Your wallet will too! A simple yet quick and easy way to lead a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.