There are methods to reduce or eliminate snoring, some that require surgery, some with expensive machines. Nose and throat surgeons routinely do elective surgeries to open airways for people. Also, CPaP machines are popular for those who suffer from sleep apnea.

However, are there methods to try to reduce snoring that can be attempted at the fraction of the price?

The first method would be to try a new pillow. There are all sorts of pillow designs and materials for specific kinds of sleepers. Sleep on your back? Get a pillow that helps with neck support. Try to use a small pillow under the knees. All ways to keep your airway open. Some pillows can get pricey, so Amazon is a way to test out some pillows with the potion to return what doesn’t work for you. You can also try heading to a mattress store, but you can’t try them out overnight, obviously.

The next method are ways to keep the airway open using devices. There are a few gimmicks online that are designed to keep your nose or nostrils open while sleeping. The simple, albeit expensive, option that seems to work most often are nose strips. You could design your own and use medical tape. The name brand ‘Breathe Right’ strips are the best performing tools, but they come at a premium.

These are only two ways that can have an impact on your sleep that you can try now and test to see what works for you. It may improve your quality of life today, and over the longrun.