Canada set to legalize recreational marijuana

The Canadian government is set to approve the new Bill C-45 that will legalize recreational marijuana across the country. As most Western nations struggle to deal with the abject collapse of the American lead century long “war on drugs”, Canada will be among the first to tackle the drug problem by legalizing.

The new legislation builds upon the medicinal applications of marijuana. Although medicinal pot was permitted with a prescription in the country, use wasn’t widespread. Now the possibilities for marijuana, and the expansion of scientific research on its applications, will increase.

The ideas behind marijuana and its health benefits are emerging from infancy as scientific evidence mounts. The most curious attribute about the drug is the capacity to tailor specific ‘cocktails’. Cannabinoids are the active chemical ingredients produced by the plant. More than 100 different cannabinoids have been identified, but research has focused on only two of them so far: THC and CBD. The multitude of combinations make for some very interesting opportunities to treat various ailments, particular those that rely on either costly drug regimes, or addictive painkillers.

This ignores the recreational uses and the variety of different products being produced for the mainstream market including, of all things, drinks. Consuming a liquor/cannabis infused drink could provide all of the fun without the hangover. On the health side, every get the munchies? Perhaps cancer patients without appetites can increase their desire for food with cannabis.

Time will tell how long America and larger countries will follow suit and both reduce the misdemeanour drug charges clogging up the legal system, and increase tax revenue base.