Now that Christmas is coming gone and then New Years resolutions have all come in his time to turn dream into reality. New goals to be healthier and lose weight seem ambitious at the start of the year. If you’re like most people who make New Year’s resolutions, then by the time February rolls around those resolutions are in the past. But what if they were easy ways to make healthier choices last? What can you do to lose weight and Lead healthier lifestyles without dropping the ball?

When you are making goals, particularly around eating and exercising, ensure that you are making goals that are attainable. Often we fail to achieve what we set out to do because our expectation is too lofty. It’s critical to set a direction that celebrates incremental wins and will last for the long-haul.

You may be surprised to know there are very simple and easy ways for you to turn two words health.

Here are the two most critical elements you need to lose weight easily.

1. Watch what you eat.

What you consume has perhaps the most significant impact on your health and weight. After the indulgences over the Christmas season, it’s time to buckle down and return to healthier eating habits. But how? If you’ve never had a healthy eating habits there are some simple ways for you to lose weight quickly and get on track. What it will take isn’t a diet, rather better choices. Choosing better foods and controlling quantity might be the single most important decision you can ascribe to.

If you lack food education, or simply don’t want to change, then perhaps another piece worth pursuing is seeking out resources and help to learn how to eat better or dealing with mental stress that’s preventing you from making better choices. This is the year to do it.

Back to the food issue. From top to bottom eating proper foods that are geared towards your genetic makeup will do wonders for your health. That includes following healthy food guides. For example, watch what you intake for drinks. Rather than liquor or sugar drinks consider simply water or tea. Cut back on fats, especially bad saturated fats. Eliminate sugar in your diet as much as you can. THis means being more diligent checking the list of ingredients on packaging. Often we are making what we believe to be healthier choices but in reality it was choices are full of sugar. Case in point, fruit juices have been long touted as an option to get the daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. But when you look at the package many fruit and vegetable drinks contain just as much sugar as soda.

You can tackle hunger with better food choices as well, including better fiber and protein options that are available naturally in unprocessed Foods. Think of it like this, if it comes in a package, consider whether or not it’s been too processed to consume. Ensuring you get a regular helping of daily fruits and vegetables that are fresh and doing so in place of other foods such as refined sugars and wheat, will not only make your body feel better but will help shed those pounds as well. It’s practically a guarantee.

Making long-lasting changes in your eating habits is going to do wonders for your health and is one of the single most important ways for anybody to lose weight.

2. Exercise

Some argue that it’s even more important than exercising. However, we would advocate a regular rhythm of exercise. Exercise where you get your heart rate up, and exercise where your body is moving. Even a brisk walk around the block counts. At least it’s moving in the opposite direction of a sedentary lifestyle. Again, opt for choices in your daily routine that are attainable, find some friends to help you along the way, and treat 2019 as a new beginning where you’re going to switch unhealthy rhythms in your life off for good.