What are the things that popular culture doesn’t do well is display vulnerability out in the open. Just look at social media. Teenagers, 20-somethings, 30-somethings, with no life experience are influencers about life and living. What do they know about life? Some? But not a lot.

There’s more to the IG story then meets the eye, especially when it comes to Mental Health.

Those influencers should be yelling from the mountain top, rather than taking their perfect picture, that as you grow older your body’s ability to handle daily stress diminishes. That’s not directly related to anxiety, but it is a biological reality. When you add anxiety into the mix, usually arriving when you least expected, an older body demands you have to get wiser with age. If not, the body has a way of shutting you down, and it happens faster as you grow older.

As your body becomes less resilient in handling and carrying undue stress, it becomes more important to make better lifestyle choices as a preventative measure. All of the abuse you put your body as a young adult, it eventually catches up with you. The need for proper self-care as you grow older becomes more important. Self-care not in so much as going to the spa every once in a while. Rather, lifestyle choices that rely on healthy choices. That would include the right amount of sleep, being mindful of substances you put in your body. Healthier foods, less alcohol, less recreational drugs. It also might be indicative of the necessity of therapy opportunities to receive extra tools to combat anxiety.

All these together are important attributes to consider as you grow older and realize that your body is less capable of handling trash. Better to prepare now for the inevitable.