Initially, there has been some confusing information pertaining to use of personal face masks to combat the spread of COVID-19. Culturally, There’s wide adoption of facemasks in countries such as China or South Korea. But when it comes to North America there’s been a nonstop push against the covering of the face.

This is rooted in a level of stupidity and a lack of education. However, the CDC and chief medical officers should share part of the blame.

There was a lack of clarity at the onset of COVID-19 in North America. Many medical officers did not push for the adoption of masks. As data became more available and as evidence mounted, it became apparent that wearing a mask in public was one of the key ways to ensure the reduction of spread of COVID-19.

It is a symbol of respect. We can ‘thank’ the explosion of cases in the state of New York for changing public perception around mask use. It is a symbol of respect to wear a mask because mask wearing primarily helps other people. It doesn’t insomuch protect the user from contracting COVID-19, but it does dramatically reduce the spread of droplets from a person.

The shift and data and evidence has now melted to the point that there’s been a change of tune. The CDC is now advocating the use of personal masks as well as most chief medical officer is. As we await the second wave, and in many cases open too early, the adoption of mask wearing needs to become culturally necessary to reduce the spread and keep people safe.