Access to COVID Vaccine Next Concern to Combat Delta Variant

At the publishing of this article Canada has now emerged as the world leader in terms of single doses as a percentage of population. The access to COVID-19 vaccines is a question of concern, however. Right now, as the Delta variant continues at a breakneck speed, countries that were not at the front of the line are suffering the consequences. Rich countries have been hoarding vaccines, sitting unused in storage. And although COVAX and the USA are increasing their distribution, the scenario has revealed problems in both access for developing nations, and also exclusivity in production. Countries (which are most) that do not have domestic vaccine production were behind the eight ball. Although the volume of vaccines is increasing across different brands, availability and eventually inoculation has been hampered. Delays that stretch into months, and some countries may even wait years before their population has full access, is working against the worldwide effort to stop the spread, especially as variants emerge in more dangerous forms.

So if you can get it, get your vaccine as soon as possible. And while you’re at it, advocate for the rapid distribution for those close to home, and further away, to have improved access.