Will Vaccination Cover America’s Ineptitude?

THe ineptitude in America surrounding anti-masks protesting and individualism (culturally important to Americans), the proliferation of COVID is the result. The largest tally of deaths to COVID-19 is America. The largest impact for the after affects, it will be America. The population, particularly if you’re poor, is monumental.

But, America also has among the fastest rollouts of vaccination. At this point it’s our only hope to combat the ineptitude of federal and certain state level governments who have refused to treat the pandemic seriously.

As for now, the vaccine may prove to be the needed saving grace. Assuming enough people have access and can get it (or will get it). Time will tell. Here is a chart about current country vaccination rates:
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U.S. crosses 10 million COVID-19 cases as wave of infections surges


But don’t stop now. Americans love to be #1  at everything, and for the past week they’ve eclipsed even themselves. On Nov. 12th, the U.S. reported 150,000 new coronavirus cases, setting world record for 3rd day in a row.

You’re no. 1 America!

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Vote for COVID response this election 2020

The growing and unabated second wave has hit America.

That’s nearly 250,000 deaths. The pandemic is unmatched in deaths, yet the average American seems disinterested. The regional impact varies widely. That’s both a level of ignorance with the pandemic, healthcare response, and healthcare coverage. America is one of the only 1st world nations that does not provide universal health to their citizens. It’s a matter of pride to an American to forgo health coverage in favour of ‘freedom’ and military spending.

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To Mask or Not to Mask – There’s no Question

Initially, there has been some confusing information pertaining to use of personal face masks to combat the spread of COVID-19. Culturally, There’s wide adoption of facemasks in countries such as China or South Korea. But when it comes to North America there’s been a nonstop push against the covering of the face.

This is rooted in a level of stupidity and a lack of education. However, the CDC and chief medical officers should share part of the blame.

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6 Tips to Help Cope When Anxiety Strikes

Anxiety is the body’s physiological response to external stimuli. Everyone can feel anxious as a response to things, namely stress. How you handle stress, and prevent anxious feelings, depends on your strategies to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Anxiety, however, also extends into mental illness. Anxiety disorders vary from panic, to social anxiety disorders. Although the approach to deal with disorders should include your doctor, there are tips and tools everyone can apply to reduce anxiety.

One of the challenges to anxiety is dealing with a feeling that you have liuttle control over. Anxiety is unpredictable. Conversely, there are few guaranteed ways to make anxiety magically disappear at a moments notice.

Here are some keys that help reduce anxiety, and more importantly, help guard against the intense effects of anxiety in the future.

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Grief Amidst COVID

It’s often important to name the feelings. During the COVID pandemic there are a lot of new feelings to process. Whether it’s being self-isolated and stuck in bad thoughts. Or if you have the sickness yourself. Part of maintaining good mental health is step one, that discomfort you’re feeling is grief. Once you can name it you can heal. Here’s an article that’s part of the first step.


Simple ways to decrease anxiety

Anxiety and mental health are becoming important topics in modern-day culture. We are becoming aware of the impact of our own mental health, what it looks like in others, and how we can manage it. That’s important because the road to health includes tackling mental health issues directly.

Anxiety is but one attribute of mental health, one that can creep up on you without warning and without cause. It’s often a surprise for many people to encounter anxiety for the first time. The physiological response that the body produces is foreign. Knowing what to do when anxiety hits can go a long way to diminishing its affects.

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The slow creep of anxiety based on life style choices

What are the things that popular culture doesn’t do well is display vulnerability out in the open. Just look at social media. Teenagers, 20-somethings, 30-somethings, with no life experience are influencers about life and living. What do they know about life? Some? But not a lot.

There’s more to the IG story then meets the eye, especially when it comes to Mental Health.

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4 Remedies to Reduce Snoring and Get a Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can mean the difference between chronic health problems and a vibrant lifestyle. When you don’t get good sleep your body can’t reset or repair itself during the night. For men and women, the key to a good night’s sleep is reducing snoring. Here are three natural ways to reduce snoring at night.

1. Not the easiest, not the quick fix, but the main reasons why you snore is due to weight gain. Obesity increases the likelihood of snoring by closing your airway as you relax at night. Reduce snoring by maintaining a healthy body-to-fat ratio. That means constant and regular exercise regardless of age.

2. Sleep positions can greatly impact your snoring patterns. Back sleepers snore more because as they relax gravity takes over and the top of the airway becomes obstructed. Side or front sleeper do not have this problem. Try switching sleep positions at different times during the night.

3. Snoring Aids can help. There are a variety of different methods you can try to employ, most available at your local pharmacy. Although some are gimmicks (nose baskets that keep your nostrils wider), some provide basic relief. Nose-strips (brand name Breathe Right) are a popular option that can keep your nasal passage open as you sleep. This doesn’t guarantee an unobstructed passage, but it does make a difference that can reduce your snoring and get you a better sleep overall.

4. Watch what you eat. Controlling diet can impact your waistline, but it also reduces snoring for certain foods. Alcohol is notorious for increasing snoring as many develop slight reactions to the grains and additives in liquor. That leads to further reduction of the nasal passage. Be mindful that what you consume impacts you at night.