COPAN Produces CDC/Joint Commission Educational Videos

This week COPAN (a firm named after COllection and Preservation for ANalysis) launched a set of videos demonstrating proper sample collection techniques for respiratory samples. The new videos were created for the CDC and The Joint Commission. The use will be web based directed to flu diagnosis and treatment in ambulatory settings for healthcare providers.

Demonstrations of Nasal and Nasopharyngeal swab sample collection use FLOQSwabs(TM) by COPAN and COPAN’s Universal Transport Media (UTM). Additional videos demonstrate proper technique for Nasal Aspirates and Nasal Washes. Continue reading “COPAN Produces CDC/Joint Commission Educational Videos”

Joint Commission project aims to reduce wrong-surgery risks

Waking up with the wrong kidney removed is a horror story that’s played out countless times in North American hospitals. Surgeons will most likely walk into your operating room, ask you which body part and which side, and then scrawl your body with markers. Still, errors occasionally happen.

The Joint Commission unveiled a Targeted Solutions Tool to help physicians and hospitals spot one of 29 problems that can lead to an incorrect procedure. The commission’s Center for Transforming Healthcare tested the safety tool at eight U.S. hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Continue reading “Joint Commission project aims to reduce wrong-surgery risks”

SAFE CARE Program to Provide Patient Education at Bedside

THe information that is so readily available online to curious searchers may now be moving to the bedside in some form. Patients and their families are increasingly taking an active role in their health care by becoming informed. A unique patient safety education program will be released to provide patients and their families with instant access to current patient safety videos at their bedside and while receiving care.

The 2012 SAFE CARE Patient Safety Education Program is a free offering developed to assist health care organizations in educating patients to help prevent medical errors. The campaign features videos from The Joint Commission’s Speak Up(TM) campaign, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Kimberly-Clark, the Patient Channel(R) from The Wellness Network, and Safe Care Campaign. The goal of the SAFE CARE Patient Safety Education Program is to save lives, prevent harm and help patients receive safer care.

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Nash Hospitals Receives Accreditation

The Joint Commission has awarded hospital accreditation to Nash Hospitals and home care accreditation to Hospice and Palliative Care of Nash General Hospital. The accreditation was the result of a week-long survey, which was conducted in October, 2011.

Nash Hospitals received hospital accreditation for services offered at Nash Health Care. The Hospice program at Nash General Hospital earned Home Care accreditation as a result of its Joint Commission survey.
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Houston Solari Hospice Care’s home care program and Inpatient Hospice Home Accredited

Healthcare providers who wish to qualify for Joint Commission approval much meet comprehensive on-site evaluation and compliance with nationally developed standards for quality care. The latest addition for hospice care facilities is Houston Solari Hospice Care’s home care program and Inpatient Hospice Home. They have earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.

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Joint Commission Releases Top Hospital List

The Joint Commission released its first list of top hospitals, using metrics meant to track quality of care. The list skewed small and rural hospitals. The metrics measure how well hospitals carry out processes of care that the group thinks should be standard for all patients with certain diagnoses. Examples include giving a person who is having a heart attack aspirin upon arrival at the hospital or the use of corticosteroids in children admitted with asthma. Continue reading “Joint Commission Releases Top Hospital List”

Joint Commission Ambulatory Care Accreditation Conference Oct. 4-5

Ambulatory care health care leaders will gather in Chicago October 4-5, 2011, for The Joint Commission’s 16th Annual Ambulatory Care Conference. The conference will focus on discovering strategies to demonstrate quality of care to payers, regulatory agencies, and managed care organizations. The program is sponsored by Joint Commission Resources. Continue reading “Joint Commission Ambulatory Care Accreditation Conference Oct. 4-5”