U.S. crosses 10 million COVID-19 cases as wave of infections surges


But don’t stop now. Americans love to be #1  at everything, and for the past week they’ve eclipsed even themselves. On Nov. 12th, the U.S. reported 150,000 new coronavirus cases, setting world record for 3rd day in a row.

You’re no. 1 America!

But seriously, the rise of the second wave, or as some have called it the third wave, there is NO end in sight. The idiocy around ‘herd immunity’ is abjectly harmful and false. A vaccine is required for that to take effect. In the meantime, more and more are dying needlessly from a virus that does not discriminate. Without a national strategy, and without more States taken the issue seriously, the freedom loving Americans will see their largest single death event with COVID-19 in their history.

The world will see the same, but apart from America and Brazil, most Western countries are trying to get a handle on the expected rise of the second wave. What they don’t want to do, unfortunately, is upset the chosen few libertarians in each country.

Other countries who can model by example are Asian countries. They have strict measures in place and rapid testing. Healthcare systems that are available to all and strict guidelines, can keep COVID under control. Korea, Japan, and Thailand two such examples.