Libertarian States Killing Themselves Off

North and South Dakota have a dubious distinction as the worst places to contract Coronoa. They have the highest per capita COVID-19 death rate anywhere on the face of the planet. Does this come as a surprise? Absolutely not.

This is one of the last places on earth that has employed any coherent COVID-19 strategy. The majority of the citizens simply don’t want it. Most think the virus is a grand hoax. Apart from lower education levels, implementation of simple measures do go a long way. But try convincing anti-mask states.

One of the simplest tools that prevents the transmission of the virus is mask wearing but libertarian states refuse to adhere to a mask rule because of its supposed infringement on personal liberties. This has led to a direct correlation to the astronomical increase in cases and deaths. To make matters worse America is the only advanced economy in the world that does not have a single payer healthcare system. Americans prefer no access to healthcare and death, over health and community safety. What’s exchanged is the notion of maintaining individual liberties, but that comes at the cost of dying.

To some it’s worth it.

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