COVID Vaccines Slowly Rolling Out. Is it Enough?

Frontline healthcare workers are slowly getting back sedated with the new Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. At the end of December 1 round of the Pfizer vaccine began and the Moderna vaccine has recently been approved as well. Both of them require two doses and the most vulnerable, the rich, and frontline healthcare workers are the first to receive it. Will it be enough?

At the rate that America is going at least, it won’t be. Slowing the spread of the virus is the main goal of the vaccine that’s over 95+% effective. The trouble is you need to get a critical mass of your population inoculated for it to take affect. As a healthcare system crumbles under the continued stress of Covid patients, America still has to deal with their anti-vaccine minority.

The predominantly white population confused with conspiracy theories are refusing to not only get the vaccine, they are also staging anti-mask protest there by increasing the spread of infection at an exponential rate. This is been going on since Covid first came to North America, and likely will never end. That’s a difficult reality to consider when a significant portion of the population will refuse the solution. That will continue to impact businesses but more importantly decimate the most vulnerable populations.

In the process of killing themselves, anti-maskers and anti-vaccine Proponents are slated to take down as many people with them due to a otter lack of intelligence.

Get your vaccine, compel your government to distribute effectively, quickly, and free. Let’s get this thing over with and let’s imagine a better world and healthcare system of tomorrow.